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Career Advice

The word ‘Career’ can sound daunting, but we’re here to keep it as simple as possible. Whether you don’t know where to begin or know exactly what you want to do, this page is designed to help you.

Don’t know where to start? Things to think about before you come to see us:

Quick Start – If you haven’t used us before, these two quick steps will help you to get you up and running fast.

Step 1 Graduate and other jobs, as well as part-time and work experience/internship opportunities from mainly UK employers. Delivers a range of local, regional and national opportunities, along with some international jobs.

Step 2 To help you identify possible career options, utilize job search tools, create a great CV, boost your interview and assessment skills. Also includes a powerful global job search engine.

What jobs can I do?

We regularly have students and graduates visit our Careers centre, they are often unsure of the type of job that they would like to get into or have an idea, but want to talk it through. There are some really useful pages on the government website that will help you to start thinking about the type of career that might suit you.

Start your CV

When improving your CV, it is more useful for you to come visit the Careers centre when you have an idea of what type of jobs you will be applying for – and already have a current CV. It is helpful to target your CV to the sector you are applying to work in, and not just write a generic one. Look at the job role specification and show where you can demonstrate the essential/desirable criteria, giving specific examples. Once you have completed your CV, bring it to the Careers Centre so that we can give you some feedback before you sending it out to employers.

How we can help 

ETEN College can help whether you are looking for a graduate job, work placement, part-time/casual work or studying. It’s never too early to make a start, we offer a FREE service for students and graduates for up to 3 years after graduating!

Help with job searching

Visit the government job vacancy website,where you will find a wide range of opportunities including: graduate jobs, work placements, internships, part-time positions and more!

One-to-one sessions with a Careers Coach

Speak one-to-one with a Careers Coach in a confidential setting on any career related issue. Whether you feel stuck with your job search, need help with your applications or are seeking general advice.

Interview Advice

If you require help for an upcoming interview, please get in touch with our Careers Centre as soon as possible so that we can help you prepare. This may be through a mock interview, or if time is limited we can offer advice on technique, and elements to consider before an interview.

Getting a job

Please use the links below which will help with your job search and the application process. If you are still having trouble, require assistance with applications/interviews – or have any questions, please do not hesitate to attend our careers centre during drop-in hours.

Finding a Volunteering job

Enactus – Take entrepreneurial action to help community projects

OCVA – Supporting you to find a suitable volunteer role

Do-it – Search engine for national volunteering opportunities