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Fees & Funding

ETEN College is ready to help you if you are confused about student finance, what you’re entitled to and how to apply? Read our simple guide to student funding for a straight forward explanation of what is available and how to get it. For a quick overview watch the video below.

Money from the Government – UK and EU Students are fully eligible for the UK Government’s student loan support package, if they fulfill the appropriate criteria.

There are two main sources of funds from the government available to students:

  • A Tuition Fee Loan – £9,250 a year for undergraduate studies and £10,000 for postgraduate studies.
  • A Maintenance Loan – this loan of up to £8,200 a year is intended to help towards your living costs whilst at University including accommodation and study materials. Everyone is entitled to a percentage of this loan, your eligibility is based on your household income.


Investing in yourself is a big investment for your future. Every year London School of Business supports our students of your chosen course through scholarships.

Scholarships are portrayed as gifts because they do not need to be repaid. We believe every student is eligible to apply for a scholarship and unfortunately many are not aware about their eligibility of applying for a scholarship. We aim to reveal to every student that you do not have to be an A* student in order to apply for a scholarship. A scholarship is designed to show us your academic excellence, experience, skills and capabilities in order to be rewarded a reduction from your tuition fees.

We offer funding support to suitable candidates through a range of scholarships. A scholarship can be applied when you have been accepted and been offered a place to study your chosen course.

Amount: 30% deduction from your tuition fee

Eligibility: Any student applying for their first year in their chosen course

Deadline: 2 weeks after your application submission